Saturday, December 8, 2007

Paradise Lost

Los Angeles Times

Hum, another article on moving to Merida and renovating houses. I think I'll print this one out and line my bird cage. Poor Archibald has been sitting on eggs all summer with very little help from Hyacinth. Maybe this will inspire the eggs to hatch. Last night we went out for the first time in .... ages. We went to a benefit for the AIDS hospice, Brazos Abiertos, that was held at the Villa Merida. I knew about 5,6 maybe 7% of the people present. Three years ago when I had a life beyond renovating houses I would have know 90% of the expats. Met the Rogers when we walked in. No sign of Grant and Clifford. Paul Zeigler and Samuel Barrera wearing Gaultier tatoo t-shirts or what passes for Gaultier in the 3rd world. Had a chat with the manager of the hotels wife, Grace, about the curse of vinyl paint in a humid climate. Saw all of the real estate agents trying to avoid having conversations with home owners wanting to list their houses. Made a plan to see Ellen and Jim the working Gringos from Yucatan Living for dinner next week and commiserate over mac woes. And now this fine Sunday morning I'm going out to the Ruta Puuc to look for a couple of hundred acres in which to build a new house. A modern house to escape from all you L.A. Times readers who are packing your bags. See you at next years benefit but I'm sure I wont recognize you.

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