Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Merida: Mexico's Foodie Hot Spot

If you read this article in Departures Magazine you'll have the impression Merida is the Foodie center of the universe. I doubt you'll leave town with the same impression unless you are invited into the private homes of Yucatecans and Expats who are fortunate enough to have a real Mayan cook from a nearby pueblo cooking their meals.

Here's another article about authentic Mayan cuisine from Mark Bittman the New York Times food columnist and friend of a friend.  This one is about his travel to the interior of the peninsula on the trail of farm fresh peasant fare.

"Almost all of this food came from their milpa (which Rosendo still works, with a hired hand), and from the garden, where there are tomatoes, pigs and chickens. With the exception of the lard and the eggs from those animals, the meal could have been produced 500 years ago, and in much the same way. It tastes like that: essential, ancient, unlike any food you’d find in a big-town restaurant."

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